Module capabilities

Digitize your existing insurance products

and develop new ones using a flexible

product configuration tool

Edit, add or move the product’s parameters with a powerful drag & drop builder

Generate quotation forms and offer digital insurance products on your website or other digital channels.

Provide external integrations and API access to your insurance products

Connection to

Embed the universal web widget into any partner's platform or app

Connection to

Access new sales channels as part of Insy

Retailers community and Insy Employee Benefits members

Join communities of multiple vertically connected and cross-industry partners

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Benefit from accessing captive customer base and cross-selling opportunities

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Use the A/B Testing tool to cost-effectively

compare different product versions against

customer and market requirements resulting in

Stronger customer relationships and engagement

Seamless customer experience

Anticipating customer needs and personalised offerings through the analytics of data generated by different services on the platform

Enter new markets, including international, based

on the easy localization capabilities, clarified

legal framework and local retailers community

Generate new leads and boost eagerness to expand beyond the traditional markets

Lower distribution costs

Increase customer retention by providing additional value and services based on the increased number of customer touchpoints; thus, reducing costs

No need to change the current company software systems. Smooth integration with the existing CRM, ERP, sales, etc. Pre Built integrations with the most used payment and data solutions