For employees

Better Decisions

Helps employees make smarter decisions with a product, coverage, and the actual price at their fingertips.

24/7 Access. Ready to use SaaS platform

Employees access the branded company portal via web or mobile, to view important benefit details year-round. Elevate employee engagement with their benefits scheme by using an intuitive, accessible platform.

Dedicated to your company digital AI insurance consultant

With our self-learning digital insurance chat-bot advisor, employees receive the professional consultation they need.

Digital insurance wallet

Preloaded from the company budget for insurances. When the employee becomes a company member, receive rewards for doing what they already doing: managing their home, renters, auto, and pet insurance. They can manage their insurance payments, save money, access discounts, and more.

Everyone is part of the pack

Not only your team but their families can be covered with EmployeeBenefits. Now you can take that extra step of care for your team.

All types of insurance products

INSY platform incorporate the full range of insurance products. Not only health insurance but a car, property, travel, pets offers. Browse through various insurance products listed at preferential prices.

Digital VIP Claim management

Fast and easy claim process is very important in the insurance process. module associated with the company portal is the best partner in the claim process.

For employers

Improve employee engagement

Improve the ability of benefits to encourage a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Personalized online insurance products enrollment experience that makes it easier for employees to understand and choose the right benefits.

Benefits Administration

Your employee benefits are one of the most important ways you can attract and retain talent to drive your company forward. Choose which products are suitable for your company and employees to take advantage of.

Balance cost control

Add a budget to the "employee wallet". Filter by departments and different levels of benefits (amounts) according to the department. Fixed monthly payments.

HR Analytics

Reports on the concluded insurances. You define based on any employee attributes within your company, such as people's location, department, tenure, and devices. Measure your benefits program with a comprehensive suite of standard and custom benefits reporting tools.

Automatically enrol new hires in company benefits

When you onboard new hires, INSY instantly invites them to review and enrol in the company portal. It's all 100% online and paperless.

How it works

A simple process to provide the insurance benefits to your team

Get instant access to any insurance product listed on INSY. Explore the discounts to your company

Set up your company portal in INSY.EmployeesBenefits. All employees with an email with your company's domain extension will receive access to the portal.

Add a budget to the "employee wallet". Filter by departments and different levels of benefits (amounts) according to the department.

Employees use the discounts and amounts from the "employee wallet" for all the products listed in the company’s portal.

We take care of the claims

Benefits programs partnership

Your business is to provide benefits? You develop one of above:

benefits enrollment software

benefits administration platforms

employee benefits providers

Insy is the right partner for you

Find the list with insurance products available via API. Provide to your clients digital AI insurance consultant.


Smooth integration with the company's existing systems. /CRM, ERP, sales systems/