How INSYClaims works?


The client reports an insurance event by visiting the insurer’s/ broker’s office or by using telephone, website or mobile app.


Insurers try to promote self-service by customers and use of applications to start and sometimes to finish the claim process without personal assistance.

Send a description of the incident to the insurer

Take pictures of the damaged property and send them to the insurer

Assists insurer’s call center by using a real-time camera for live inspection with insurer’s experts or employees

Receives reimbursement in their e-wallet

Monitor status of their claim


insurers / Employees / clients

The insurer manages the claim and monitors the due dates of the claims. Employees assign claim assessment to an external field adjuster and collect claim assessment and pictures through the web solution. The insurer uses a procedure and pays the client instantly in some predefined cases (e.g. small claims up to Euro 200).

field adjuster

Field adjusters receive a request for assessment together with the client’s data and contacts. They estimate and describe damages and upload descriptions and pictures.

service provider

Service providers (repair shops and others) receive claim info or file a claim through InsyClaim. They upload invoices and assessment reports. With some companies, this could be done with claims system integration (e.g. Audatex, REVAUXY, etc.), or with ERP integration (INSIS for instance)