bicycle industry

Add new revenue stream to your product portfolio.

Use a simple process to sell digital bike insurance within IDD regulatory limits.

We provide easy to integrate digital insurance solution.
No need to code, no need for insurance expertise.

how does it work?

Bike owner/buyer


Point of Sale

distribution partners

Bicycle stores

Bike repair shops


Cycling sport clubs

Bicycle theft insurance

Cycling event insurance

Accidental damage insurance

Personal accident insurance

Third-party cycle insurance

Insurance Company

Get instant access to any insurance product listed on INSY

Get your INSY point of sale sales account credentials

Set up your universal web embeddable widget

Start offering digital insurance products

Receive a commission from every concluded policy

We take care of the claims

widget integration for your web page or online store

Takes less than 5 minutes to install

Embedded Insurance

Insy creates:

• a comprehensive digital description of the insurance product;

• a universal web embeddable widget.

• API-based IT architecture supports quick integrations of applications and products

Offer digital insurance products and adopt innovating technologies in no time by drag and drop capabilities of the UI without a single line of code or support from the IT department

Generate insurance price-comparison calculators into your website and deliver digital insurance to clients within seconds.

Embed the universal widget also into most used platforms: WordPress, Shopify, Wix.

Custom integration For your web page, online store, mobile app or ERP system

Your key to digital success

Maximum adaptability in integrating our solution

Exchange of data in real-time

Fast, secure and flexible business processes

Interconnection between any systems, applications, devices or apps

How to use INSY?

bicycle stores & bike repair shops


cycling sport clubs


Customize our web embeddable widget to fit your preferences.

Effortlessly install the widget on your web page. No code needed.

Your clients use the widget to buy insurance for their bikes.

You receive a commission for each paid policy.

You provide comprehensive services for your clients. Your clients are happy.

bicycle stores & bike repair shops


cycling sport clubs

Point of sale sales process

You ask if your client is interested in bicycle insurance.

You find insurance plan that best fits their needs /by price, coverage and number of installments/.

Your client purchases the bicycle insurance plan point of sale.

You receive a commission for each paid policy.

You provide comprehensive services for your clients. Your clients are happy.